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Speaking Topics/ Workshops

Shekhina is “available for all ages, for all occasions” in therapeutic capacity


Teen Parenting

  • "Keep Your Head Up and Legs Close" is a Spoken Word Poem for preventing teen pregnancy. Shekhina uses this poem to teach young ladies the importance of respecting their bodies and the consequences of wrong choices. Being a teen mother who struggled to raise her children, she encourages young ladies to choose a different route. "You don't have to have my testimony you can choose differently" Shekhina shares her story about being in foster care, being adopted, being an abuse survivor, homelessness, poverty, etc., to living the life she has today through G-D's grace and mercy. 

“Faith, Wisdom and Favor (F.W.F)”

  • "Faith, Wisdom and Favor (F.W.F)" 3 keys to success for today's youth. Shekhina uses this topic as a workshop to build self-esteem in the lives of youth and young adults. This workshop aims to motivate students to seek the best in themselves /make a better you. During this workshop, Shekhina will attempt to teach students three motivational keys as building blocks to build self-esteem in today's youth. "Faith is what & who you believe in, wisdom is doing what's right at the right time, understanding G-D's favor on your life" For ministries, Shekhina also quotes how the "Bible is their text book for life." Teaching them how to understand the Bible on a level they can understand.  

“Poetry and The Art of Expression” 

  • “Poetry; The Art of Expression” The therapeutic benefits of performance poetry. Shekhina knows all too well how poetry was an outlet for her. This workshop using Poetry in its written and expressive form empowers individuals by helping them find their voice. The writer embodies the visualization of the work, and it becomes a catalyst and companion of transformation. The practice of these art forms becomes a leveling ground as the artist engages other wordsmiths, readers, and performers. An entry for social inclusion, collaboration, interaction, and engagement is provided. Both internal and external conflicts are resolved, and the healing acceptance of self materializes.

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