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Supporting Your Healing for youth and adults

Individual Therapy

Empowered to Moved Forward


In individual therapy, you meet with a therapist alone to talk about your problems. You will have the opportunity to share your struggles in a safe space and work on effective treatment goals to improve your overall mental health being. Each session is $75.00 dollars an hour and lasts about one hour.

Biblical/Ministerial Therapy

Exploring Life’s Challenges Through Biblical Applications.


Biblical therapy allows you to handle your problems using Biblical principles.  Biblical counseling is learning how to take the scriptures and apply them to the areas of your life where you struggle the most. Each session is $75.00 dollars an hour and lasts about one hour. If needed clients are welcome to schedule a few sessions a week to promote further healing.

Couple/Family Therapy

Resolving Family Conflict


With family or Couple therapy, you and your family go to therapy together. Because everybody is there, you can work on problems affecting the family and come to a mutual compromise that benefits everyone involved. Each session for couples or family therapy is $90.00 dollars and lasts about an hour for each session.

My Approach

I use an eclectic therapy approach that draws on multiple theoretical orientations and techniques to serve my clients better, e.g., Biblical, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, REBT, Psychodrama, Writing/Poetry therapy, and other forms of creative therapeutic expressions help evoke feelings to bring about change in a nontraditional setting.

My Approach
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