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Iasiah, Parent

it's a place where children can get together and work as a team. it also has a sense of a family cohesiveness where children can be themselves. Mrs.K does an excellent job with the kids! They have fun and learn about the theater! It's what's missing with these children in the community! This program is excellent!! my son is happy here!!

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Tyrik, Parent

My kids have been blessed by being connected to Ms. K for some years now. It’s no telling how far they will go with being equipped & nurtured in the direction in the performing arts. I must say that performing is one thing but helping to raise my boys by being a Godly role model and setting a good example is another. Ms.K. has given me & my wife security in helpIng my boys by showing standards and preparing them for what’s to come in the future & in life.


Kathy, Parent

Ms. K is an incredible person teacher and mentor. What a great opportunity for kids to learn about theater and grow together in all areas of their lives. 


Ericka & Maddy Parent & Camper-

Thank you so much Shakina and Stage It Up camp crew for giving Madison such a wonderful experience this summer. In the short time she was there Madison became confident with exploring her creative side. 


Jeanne, Parent

Thank you so much for everything! You have no idea how much of an impact you have made in Jos' life! I’m so grateful for your dedication and consistency in ensuring my daughter receives the best therapeutic environment possible.


Nicky, Supporter

I love what this organization is doing for the youth!! Praise up to everyone that is involved with helping out youth. 

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